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Want to become a retailer of Purity Life’s Dynamic and Innovative products? At Purity, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality natural healthy living products to Canadians. We do this by providing our retailers with Sales and Service that is above and beyond industry standards and offer a number of unique services to our business partners:


  • Next day delivery to all major cities across Canada
  • An Industry recognized Catalogue
  • Fast co-op credits and return authorizations
  • Extensive Depth and Breadth of product selection
  • Highest fill rates in the industry
  • Online ordering, Inventory transparency, & Invoice, NPN and Statement lookup

Next Day Delivery

On all Major Customers In Canada

Category Management

Expertise (HABA)

Quick Distribution

Quick Speed to Shelf Distribution

National Focus

A Canadian Company, for Canadians

Transparent Reporting

Reports to our Partners

Cross Channel Expertise

Cross Channel Expertise

Established Vendor/Broker Channels

Established Vendor/Broker Channels

Established Retailer Network

Established Retailer Network